Keane Joins Curse Academy

By Justin Wenzel

Team Curse’s never-ending goal is to provide fans with top quality play and top quality teams. With that goal in mind, Team Curse has decided to invite Lae-Young “Keane” Jang, formerly of Team Curse OCE, to join Curse Academy as their top laner. Originally a top laner in Korea, Keane moved to mid lane when he moved to New Zealand, but continues to hone his skills at all positions. To work with the Academy roster, Keane has moved in to the Team Curse house in LA.

“I’m very excited to have a chance to play for a NA LCS spot, starting by playing with Curse Academy, and playing against other NA players” said Keane. “I’m very confident playing this meta, which can help my team in drafting and making more strategic plays.”

Keane is a talented solo queue player that brings a solid team play foundation. In season two, Keane finished at 2300 elo on the Korean server, and in season three he finished 11th on the Korean server at Challenger, 610 LP. Keane currently ranks second on the Oceanic challenger ladder with 1,523 LP (62% win rate), and he has two other accounts, one in the top 15 Challenger and the other in the top 40.


In season three he was approached by Woong (formerly of CJ Frost) to join team MiG Wicked. After playing with MiG Wicked for a short while, he moved to New Zealand and chose to join the Oceania competitive scene. During season four Keane was approached by Team Curse OCE to play mid lane, where Keane has thrived ever since.

“Playing with the Team Curse OCE team really helped me,” said Keane. “It allowed me to test my skills in team play and also gave me time to adjust to the expectations of competitive play. I’m confident that I have what it takes to prove myself.”

Keane continued “I haven’t played against or heavily scouted any of the NA Challenger Series teams yet. I do watch the LCS and CS and I’m impressed with all of the teams and players. I’m excited to play against all of the NA top laners.”

"I'm really excited to have someone so dedicated to the game," said Team Curse owner Steve Arhancet. "Keane has such an infectious passion for improvement and mastery. I hope his eSports career continues to grow from here."

“Keane’s knowledge of the game is impressive,” said Team Curse OCE Manager Kastelle Adamson. “He couldn’t always talk because he played at a local library, but when he did he had the final say; the team trusted and respected him. When he said to do something, we did it. His game knowledge is well above most players.”

“Keane is one of the most motivated and passionate players I have been able to work with,” said Curse Academy Manager William Hoag. “His dedication and work ethic towards the game is hard to match and is going to raise the bar of what is expected by many players in NA. I think he will give Turtle and Sneaky a run for their money on solo queue ladder.”

“My goal is to be Challenger in NA by the end of this week,” said Keane. “I hope to be competing for the number one spot in the next month as well. Of course, all the while continuing to watch and study games and do all I can to help Curse Academy improve as a team."

You can follow Keane’s NA Solo Q progress on his stream at and be sure to follow his Twitter (@keanee1) and Facebook (


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