Xpecial Joins Team Curse

By Justin Wenzel

The time between LCS splits gives managers and coaches time to evaluate their team and time to make changes before the upcoming split. With teams being relegated, a whirlwind of roster changes from LCS teams, and challenger players coming into their own, the talent of free agents in the League of Legends scene is at an all-time high. With all of the talent on the market, teams are making changes that they feel gives them a better chance at winning worlds.

With this brief respite, Team Curse researched their options and have decided to add Team SoloMid reserve player Alex “Xpecial” Chu to the Team Curse roster. Xpecial comes to Team Curse coming off an exceptional spring split, where he helped TSM to a second place finish in North America and a finals appearance against Cloud 9. Xpecial was also named the week nine MVP of the split, making him the only support player to be named a weekly MVP.  Over the spring split, Xpecial ranked first among supports in kill-death-assist ratio (4.91), and second in gold per minute (270.57) and total gold. His most played champions over the entire split were Annie (7-2), Thresh (8-1), and Leona (7-1).

“I’m extremely excited to be here,” said Xpecial. “Recently the NA scene has evolved to where every team is competitive. Every team is looking forward to the 2014 World Championships. I felt Curse was the right spot for me to achieve my goals.”

Last year, Xpecial was the North American All-Star support, and in Shanghai he and CLG’s marksman Doublelift finished second in the bottom lane skills competition, prompting Doublelift to call him the best support in North America. Since that point, Xpecial has only continued to impress and consistently play at an All-Star level.

Xpecial left TSM after the Spring Split due to complications with the team. “I'm extremely grateful for the time that I've spent with Team SoloMid and the opportunities it has given me,” he said. “When I first joined the team, I was a top mid player in NA with a thirst for competition. Three years later, I have become a top support player that is respected worldwide and I have satisfied my thirst for just competition.”

“I’m very happy that Xpecial was able to find a new home so quickly,” said TSM owner Andy Dihn. “I’m confident that he will have continued success with Team Curse. He is a world class player and I look forward to the TSM vs Curse games this upcoming split.”

“We are excited to sign a world-class support player,” said Team Curse owner Steve Arhancet. “He has proven he has the skill, experience and, above all, the drive and hunger to take our team to Worlds in the Summer Split. I want to thank my friend, Reginald over at TSM for making this acquisition a smooth and professional process.” 

Xpecial will be replacing Team Curse support player Bunnyfufuu on the LCS team roster. “This was not an easy decision to make, as Bunnyfufuu has shown to be a very strong player with a massive amount of potential,” said Arhancet. “I am currently in negotiations to do my absolute best to place Bunnyfufuu on a current summer-split LCS team. Should those efforts fail, I have offered Bunny a chance to re-building our Curse Academy roster around him so he can continue to play as he finishes up his last few months in High School.  I will do what I can to continue to support his growth in the eSports community with our organization.”

With the addition of Xpecial, Team Curse marksman Cop looks to get even better. Last split, Cop shined on the way to Curse finishing fourth in the LCS Spring split. For the split, Cop ranked in the top eight of kill-death-assist ratios (5.69) and top four in total gold over the entire split. The stats become even more impressive with the realization Cop worked with three different supports over the course of the split: Zekent, Saintvicious, and Bunnyfufuu. With a stable lane partner like Xpecial, Cop could become a headache for opposing teams.

“My goals have shifted. I no longer long for only competition,” said Xpecial. “I long for victories at the world stage; something that has alluded me all of my career. Team Curse is an amazing opportunity for me. Having worked with Liquid (Arhancet) during All-Stars of last year, I realize how important a proper environment is needed to fully unlock a team's potential, something that is realized in Korea and is a key reason in their domination at the highest level. Each player on Curse has shown that they have the skill to be among the best in the world, and I want to assist them to achieve just that.”

“With Curse, my goal is beyond simply attending Worlds,” continued Xpecial. “I want to be competitive with all the regions and aim for a spot in the top 4, something that has not been achieved by any NA team since the first world championships.”

With this roster change, Curse is confident that they have improved and can contest for a spot to represent North America at the upcoming 2014 World Championships.

The roster for Team Curse is now as follows:

Top: Diego “Quas” Ruiz

Jungle: Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera

Mid: Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani

AD Carry/ Marksman: David “Cop" Roberson

Support: Alex “Xpecial” Chu

Analyst and Head Coach: Mark Zimmerman

General Manager and Owner: Steven Arhancet


Reserve/Substitute Players for Team Curse

Reserve: Michael "Bunny FuFuu" Kurylo

Reserve: Derek “Zignature” Shao

Reserve: Brandon “Saintvicious” DiMarco

Reserve: To be Announced

Reserve: To be Announced



  • #62 Isfirrius

    Now Curse bot lane will be a chill in the stomach for every enemy team. Cop and Xpecial together can rock it out to Worlds

  • #61 SodaDrop

    Pretty much another xchaos lol, tsm gonna eventually break up. There has to be more to the story then what we see on solo ques, behind closed doors maybe different.

  • #60 ryanssun789

    Dude, Regi didn't kick him off the team. He benched him because of xpecial's attitude. Did you not see the video of xpecial being a douche to the rest of TSM over a solo queue game? Regi wanted xpecial to taKe a step back to reflect and change. This was like the Chaox situation. It was due to both of their attitudes. 

  • #59 fantomats15

    @skian88 Oh such a great fan you are stop supporting the team because they have some roster changes mhm. First off it was Xpecial attitude that get him benched not regi. Also the video that he was raging as Dyrus was clearly Dyrus' fault since he tell everyone to STFU beause he's losing a solo queue game. Like dexter said no matter how good a player is if they don't work with the team then it won't work. And Regi also said that the team work better with gleeblargu so why not use him instead. As for oddone he's getting worse compare to other rising players, he's not longer the best jungler. Amazing will do fine in his place if not better. This change will help TSM become a better team rather than hurt them. We will just have to wait and see. 

    Last edited by fantomats15: 5/10/2014 7:23:58 PM
  • #58 skian88

    It kills me that Reginald is slowly killing off TSM. He constantly pisses off his team and acts like an uncalled for jerk (check out old vid of Regi raging on Dyrus), has one of the worst attitudes, and now benches one of the most talented and iconic of their players, Xpecial. With OddOne stepping down, and Xpecial leaving, i think it's time to find a new team to support. While I have to admit that i'm definitely on board the Bjerg hype train (dude's mechanics are absolutely amazing), I don't think one player makes a team, and now that TSM is being cannibalized for parts, Curse just might be the new up and coming team. Quas has shown himself to be incredibly strong, Voyboy has always been ridiculously talented (though i like him more in top lane than in the mid), and Cop, though not the biggest bad@$$ on the scene, has always been a pretty solid player. If Curse can grab a stronger jungler (sry to IWDom, but I think Curse could do better), I truly think they could make a run at worlds now that they have such an experienced and intimidating support.

    Side note: I still think StVicious is the king of the jungle. Have him spend some time getting acquainted with the current meta junglers (Nasus jungle isn't op any more saint...), and then put him back as starting jungle. Curse already has one of the most talented and knowledgeable junglers in NA, so pull him out of coaching and USE HIM!!!

  • #57 SaveSev

    I have been a Curse fan for years, and finally i can expect them to reach worlds. Previously my favourite team was TSM, but mainly due to the key players Bjergsen, Turtle and the most Xpecial. When Xpecial moves my favour shifts with him, even though i will continue cheering for TSM.

    I have always felt that Voyboy was a world class player, and with Quas and Xpecial (maybe Cop) by his side i hope to see him become Nr. 1 NA
    Good Luck!

  • #56 Delect

    tsm is gonna be rip without xpecial. xpecial called the shots that got them to 2nd place in the spring split and without him they wont be as good. and hopefully curse will finish higher than tsm in summer

    Last edited by Delect: 5/5/2014 3:52:42 PM
  • #55 Cilherdra


    Last edited by Cilherdra: 5/5/2014 10:23:59 AM
  • #54 SenpaiFrode

    Xspecial was never a great mechanical support anyway.. never got inpressed by him

  • #53 Zerbith

    As much of a TSM fan i am. Im a fan because of the players mostly not the brand. And all i have to say is Xpecial is going to shit on Gleedlarb wtf ever his name is. GG TSM.

  • #52 HoroTV

    To be honest, the only thing, which isn't in a right position currently is IWDominate. Over the last games he had done some bad calls and i hope this will change.


    However i think XPecial is a way to go, and I hope Cop will learn much from playing with XPecial.

    Greetings from Germany! :)

  • #51 Iggy

    >Go go Xpecial!!

  • #50 Shendis


    Last edited by Shendis: 5/5/2014 1:43:58 AM
  • #49 Th3System

    Xpecial was the best support in the previous split for me personally. I am glad that he joined curse. Not taking anything away from bunny but I think the experience will help alot.

  • #48 phatloots
    Quote from ImJona »

    i love how it says "Xpecial left TSM after the Spring Split due to complications with the team." when he actually got benched, he didnt left IT WAS FUCKING REGINALD WHO BENCHED ME!!!

    umm he still left. even benched he still decided to leave. which is better in my opinion. Regi is a toxic sess pool of negativeness

  • #47 RobotEthanMars

    Let's play, "How Many Writers Will Misspell Reginald's Last Name?"

    Last edited by RobotEthanMars: 5/4/2014 9:43:09 PM
  • #46 Nautilus

    Did not see that one coming, but Im glad to see you back, Xpecial :)

  • #45 scottymalloty

    I don't think that Curse picked up Xpecial because bot lane was a problem. I think they took an absolutely amazing and rare opportunity to pick up a world class support which would greatly increase their chances of winning. Although BunnyFuFu is a great player and shows much potential, he would currently be limited by his school studies. Xpecial on the other hand is a well experienced player who has already greatly proven himself. I was sad to see that Xpecial was benched, but I am ecstatic to see him join my all-time favorite team! Cop is definitely not a problem. Cop has improved so much over the last split, and managed to do it with multiple supports which shows his great talent. Welcome to Curse Xpecial, and I hope to see Curse improve as a result of it!

    Last edited by scottymalloty: 5/4/2014 8:48:27 PM
  • #44 seventhjester

    cop isnt the problem

  • #43 ImJona

    i love how it says "Xpecial left TSM after the Spring Split due to complications with the team." when he actually got benched, he didnt left IT WAS FUCKING REGINALD WHO BENCHED ME!!!

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