Hungrybox Joins Team Curse Super Smash Brothers

By Justin Wenzel


Team Curse is excited to welcome Melee phenomenon Juan Manuel “Hungrybox” DeBiedma to its Super Smash Brothers roster. The roster now consists of Hungrybox and Chillindude.

With the addition of a Team Curse Super Smash Brothers team last week, Curse shook the scene by adding seasoned veteran Chillindude. Now Curse looks to make an even bigger impact with their latest addition. “He's an incredible asset to the team,” said Chillindude.


“I’m really excited to be with Team Curse,” said Hungrybox. “Curse Gaming is one of the most respected eSports teams I've heard of. Their dominance over multiple games made it clear to me that the opportunity I was given was not one to pass up. I believe I can contribute to the legacy and provide them a new platform where they can be acknowledged.”

Since the beginning of 2013, Hungrybox has competed in numerous tournaments, finishing in the top five twelve times and winning the tournament three times in singles and six times in doubles. He is widely considered to be a top five player in the world. “I think I’m in the top five in the world. I switch between four and five depending on how some other players are doing, but I think I have the skill to move up.”

“I plan on winning all of the upcoming tournaments,” continued Hungrybox. “Fox has been the only matchup stopping me from winning everything and I feel like I've mastered it again. I know I can compete with the best in the world and consistently win tournaments.”

With his signature Jigglypuff, Hungrybox looks to continue his top five finish streak. “He plays an extremely effective style,” said teammate Chillindude. “He's definitely the best Jiggly main out there. I can’t wait to see him play with Team Curse.”


Chillindude and Hungrybox have both suggested that they could team up for doubles in the near future. “I'm looking forward to playing with Chillin,” said Hungrybox. “Though I am not sure how often we will team, our synergy in the past was pretty awesome. Jiggs-Fox is NOT something you want to mess around with.”

“Old school is complementary with new school,” continued Hungrybox. “Old school players can come back to adopt new school strategies, so I have no doubt that our strategies will merge quite well. I know we have a bag full of surprises for the next big set of tournaments, namely MLG, CEO, and EVO.”

Be sure to follow Hungrybox on Twitter (@juanthefatty) and on Facebook ( Also be sure to follow Team Curse on Twitter (@TeamCurseGaming) for all of your latest Curse Gaming news.


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