Team Curse Welcomes Chillindude to the Super Smash Bros Team

By Justin Wenzel

Years ago, Super Smash Bros. Melee had an active and thriving tournament scene, but due to lack of support, it slowly began to fade. However, since last year’s release of The Smash Brothers, a riveting documentary detailing the storied Melee tournament scene, the scene has resurged stronger than ever before.

Now, with Nintendo’s support, Smash will be featured this year at the MLG Championship in Anaheim, CA.  MLG is adding Super Smash Brothers Melee to the lineup that already includes Call of Duty: Ghosts and Starcraft 2. Melee has also been added to the Evo 2014 roster for the second year in a row.

At these events, Curse will now be represented by the new Curse Super Smash Brothers team. Currently they are finishing filling the team, but Curse has coaxed seasoned veteran Kashan “Chillindude829” Khan to return from retirement to don the black and red of Curse Gaming.

“I’m really thrilled to join Curse Gaming,” said Chillin. “I really like my chances moving forward in the scene. I think the team will do extremely well at the upcoming tournaments.”


Chillin brings his veteran knowledge and legendary Fox to team Curse. “A lot of new school players are impressive, but I think my old school smarts will help my team win.” Chillin says he looks forward to continuing to play Fox, a character that made him a legend in the Melee community. “Falling up-airs are my signature move. People call it the Chillin.”

With an impressive tournament record under his belt, Chillin looks to finish even higher. “I placed top eight in 2006 at MLG, and top eight again at EVO in 2007. Even with my break, I look to finish top eight at both tournaments this year. I don’t think my break really hurt me because I fell only slightly behind in the metagame. While I might be a little rusty now, I’m coming back with a fresh mindset and a new attitude.”

“Even though I took a break, I’ve still been playing seriously,” continued Chillin. “I placed in the top three at Bar Wars (a regional tournament) and Pound 5.5 (a regional tournament) which brought top players from all across the US, including Mew2King and Mango.”


The success of the Melee community is very recent, but has had a profound impact on gaming as a whole. Melee has grown considerably in recent years, as evidenced by Melee’s reemergence at the MLG Championships and EVO. Recently the Melee community worked together and donated $94,000 to breast cancer research. Chillin believes the community is only getting bigger. “I’m excited to expose the thousands and thousands of Melee players to an organization like Team Curse. Even though it’s a 12 year old title, it looks like one of the fastest growing gaming communities.”

You can follow Chillin on Twitter at @Chillindude829. While you’re there, follow @TeamCurseGaming for all your updates on Team Curse.


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