Team Curse Adds Hearthstone Team

By Justin Wenzel

When Blizzard launched their new online card game, a new online phenomenon was born. Hearthstone is now one of the most watched games online, frequently ranking in the top five most watched games on Twitch and Azubu.

From OnGameNetwork weekend tournaments to ESGN Fight Nights, the Hearthstone community has exploded with unique and exciting gameplay. During ESGN Fight Nights, each player gets three different decks and the series is a best of five. The winner of each game replays his deck while the loser changes his, making for intense counter play and unpredictability. To make each game even more intense, every player is part of a team and each series is a fight for team survival.

Now Team Curse wants to invest in the future of the game. Introducing the brand new Curse Hearthstone team!

Curse Hearthstone is currently in process to fill its remaining three spots, and currently the player we've selected to start the team is Hearthstone phenom Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen.

Currently Savjz ranks as number eleven player in Europe in the test season four rankings. Savjz previously rose to fame in season one when he held the number one spot in Europe and North America. He finished season one as the number one player on the North American servers and number two in Europe.

“I think Curse getting involved in Hearthstone is really awesome,” said Savjz. “Hearthstone is only getting started, and it has become a very popular game. It is also very different from the other esport games so I think it will have its own a place in many offline events.”

Savjz previously was a fan of other Blizzard games before Hearthstone, making the transition much smoother. “I have played a lot of Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends. In all of those games I was doing fairly well. In Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne I was someone who was constantly playing against the very best players.”

He said that he feels he has a slightly unusual background for Hearthstone. While many Hearthstone players come from Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh, or even Pokemon, Savjz says that he was only an average and casual Magic player. His card background came from a totally different card game. “I have played poker semiprofessionally in the past. I am very competitive and I just ended up playing a lot of Hearthstone.”

“In both Hearthstone and in poker it is very important to constantly keep guessing what your opponent is holding in his hand,” continued Savjz. “I believe the required mindset is very similar. I've had so many bad beats in poker that I feel I really have learned how handle bad rng and bad draws.”

Curse and Savjz look forward to bringing fans the best Hearthstone experience that it can. You can follow Savjz on Facebook and Twitter. Savjz also plays at OnGameNet every Sunday.


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