Curse Call of Duty Adds New Team

Curse Call of Duty is excited to announce that they will be creating a brand new team, Curse Youth. Curse Youth is being formed to provide a home to top players that are younger than the required age of eighteen. According to manager Chris Blevins, Curse Youth is a team that can compete, but never has to worry about losing a spot because of age.

"I understand Activision's basis for making the age restrictions for Call of Duty Champs. These players are some of the best players in the world and they need a chance to compete at the highest level while working in a solid organization."

The current roster for Curse Youth is Anthony “CrsMethodz” Zinni, Derrek “Crs_Realize” Jordan, Martin “Crs_Chino” Chino, and Dillon “CrsAttach” Price.

“With this roster, Curse Youth could be in the top 8 in the world in Major League Gaming Pro Points. I’m confident in their ability,” continued Blevins.

The newly formed Curse Youth team plans to compete in various online tournaments leading up to their participation in the next UMG event and at MLG Anaheim.

You can follow the official team Twitter, @CurseYouth.

You can also follow the players on Twitter, @CrsMethodz@Crs_Realize@Crs_Chino, and @CrsAttach.



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