Curse adds Jaximus as new reserve player for League of Legends Team

Curse is pleased to welcome Phillip 'Only Jaximus' Carter to our League of Legends roster. He will join Rhux, OneBadBrad, and Swain Gretzky as a reserve for the LCS squad.

Jaximus was born in Germany, but grew up in southeastern Virginia. He is primarily a mid laner and jungler who made his name in the scene when he finished #1 on the 3v3 ladder in Season 1.

Jaximus has played LoL since the beta, and is known for his Jax, Nidalee, and Lee Sin play. He has a history with Curse, having subbed for us back at IEM Kiev where Curse finished tied for 5th.

Jaximus had this to say about joining the Curse roster:

I'm glad to be a given a chance to become a reserve for a major team like Curse that is a part of the LCS. It's a huge privilege to be asked by a team that has consistently been around the top of the NA scene and I look forward to getting better with them.

He joins a Curse team that finished 2nd with a 19-9 during the regular season of the Spring split and is rebounding from a slow start with a 2-1 week that saw wins over CLG and Dignitas. Curse is excited to move forward with its new complete roster and compete for a spot at the World Championships later this year.

You can find Jaximus streaming regularly on twitch, and be sure to check out his Facebook and Twitter as well!


  • #12 kilpikonnas

    fuck yeah Jaximus! love your streams hope that comes back, congrats on being a sub and being on the B team cant wait to see! gonna bust out that AP Blitz mid? XD

  • #11 Crisco
    Nice, I was wondering if they'd be looking to replace IWD in the teams future. This could be good for them as Jaximus seems like a pretty good team player from what I've seen on his stream.
  • #10 Jonk

    Hope he will replace saint. He is shit and they need an new jungler


    nuff said

  • #9 ohJey

    Glad to see this.  Good wurk le Jaximus.

  • #8 SoundTheory

    I remember this guy trolling on stream in low elo (like.. silver tier) with a duo... and failing. I have a terrible opinion on this guy. "hurr durr im a high elo ima stomp oh hurr durr i failed miserably my team so bad durrrr"

  • #7 yuiojmncbf

    hey jaximus do i know you from hi im gosu's stream?

  • #6 Only_Jaximus

    I can assure you that I'm not racist.  No idea where you got that from.

  • #5 Ladred

    My support of Curse is now completely gone. What are you guys thinking. This guy is a known racist, and has spouted racial epithets several times on his stream. Why in the world would you bring a racist like this on to your team?

  • #4 bruensboy

    I hope you start streaming soon

    Your definately my fav streamer to watch (especially when you had gangam style going 24/7 it seemed)

  • #3 Precious

    Hey Jaximus!
    Congratulations on the Curse Sub man!
    Hope to see you more often on the (Sorry for language) God damn stream! :D

    - Precious -

  • #2 FLGHawkeye

    Jaximus is an awesome player, and I am so excited we have him as a sub!!!!!

  • #1 LiQuiD112

    Willkommen Jaximus!

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