Team Curse Adds Edward to Starting League of Legends Lineup

Team Curse welcomes a new addition to their League of Legends team, former Gambit Gaming support player Edward. Former support player Rhux will move back to his a role as a substitute for the team, and will continue to play on Curse Academy. Edward arrives in North America to join his new teammates Saturday June 8th and will immediately begin practicing for Week 1 of the LCS which starts on June 12th.

The team has been dominating in scrims recently, and looks to only build on that success with Edward.  Edward will join a Curse team that had immense success during the regular season, but fell off during the playoffs after a roster change. This change is aimed at making them the best in North America and looking to make them a serious threat at world championships beyond. Team Manager Steve 'Liquid112" Arhancet offered the following on the changes:

I'm excited to announce EdWard, previous member from Gambit Gaming will be joining Team Curse as starting support player.  Edward was elected to represent EU at all-stars and is considered to be one of the best support players in the world.  Adding a player of his caliber to the team should make us a serious threat in the NA LCS and beyond.

Edward comes in being recognized as one of the top supports worldwide, and is renowned for his ability to carry from the least heralded position in League of Legends. His Thresh play in particular earned him huge respect throughout Europe, and he looks to bring that same style of play to a North American scene that is on the rise.

Edward offered the following thoughts on joining Team Curse and leaving Gambit:

Leaving Gambit Gaming was a a very hard decision for me.  I've been thinking about it for awhile and finally decided it was time. I'm very glad for the time I spent with these guys for almost 2 years. Leaving the team in which you played for more than a year and a half is always hard,  and I feel like I lost a part of my family. Gambit changed me, changed for the better. I want to say a special thank you to two players and friends (Alex_ich  and Darien). I love you guys , and of course thanks to Groove - my second dad.

Becoming a free agent, I was contacted by many different teams and it's not just America and Europe. I was a little surprised by this, but decided Team Curse was the best fit for me. I'm ready to join a new team and prove that it was the right call. The first weeks of our games will be difficult, because I haven't played with them and I have a little trouble with the English language, but eventually everything will improve and we will be a strong team.

Edward will get a chance to use the brand new Cooler Master gear, and he already loves the new Recon Mouse, Power RX mouse pad, and mechanical keyboard.

This addition marks a new era for Team Curse, and with the LCS just around the corner, the community won't have to wait long to see the new lineup in action. Curse finished 2nd in the regular season during the spring, and their sights are only aimed higher for the summer with Edward at support.

Be sure to check out Edward's new Facebook here and follow him on [12:37:15%20PM]%20Edward:%20https:/">Twitter!  You can also follow Team Curse on Facebook.


  • #56 theizzy

    Looks like the support had to be the problem? Right?

    I mean you guys got a new support and are winning more? Right?

    So how is not having Elementz working for ya? Curse 2-5  Lol.

  • #55 WoyBoy

    Yo Voy,

    Im Woy <3

  • #54 xdragasx

    OMG so sad top supp from eu in na well its him decision but still be happy na to get such a good supp from eu 

  • #53 3124wqafq2

    edward hell yeah.. crs going for #1 again!

  • #52 kaydok7s

    Let's just say I've been following competition since season 2.  With the pick up of Edward, I'm now a curse fan.  So excited to see how he adapts to American gaming.  

  • #51 Waaargh

    It's gonna be very interesting to see how Curse adapts to a new starplayer. Previously there were a cool guy, but not a top notch player. Elementz added tons to the community, he didn't do all that for the support role.

    EdWard will take Curse to a different level. I look forward to see how he squares of against Xspecial for making plays.

    How Cops will fit into this? Well without a good support Curse were known for having bot-lane as the weak link. I hope LiQuiD is right, because Curse is my favoured NA team.

  • #50 icebrickmortan


  • #49 DerisiveOxen

    You are not very smart, The thing about cop is he's always played with passive supports his style is nothing too Genja and even in that factor COP is better then Genja when he's playing his fullest. 


    Gambit is Gambit. Edward wants a perfect botlane and he's searching instead of waisting all his time in one place.

  • #48 YFaith

    Gambit Gaming was a perfect team. It's just at Bot lane, Genja plays passive. I just don't know why Edward moved in team curse when we know overall Gambit is better than curse especially at bot lane... Cop got nearly the same style at Genja... he don't play agressive too... so why leave gambit for a team who got the same style? If he would have moved to CLG, we could understand but here he's going to play with the same ad carry as gambit had...It's ridiculous... Maybe because of money?

  • #47 Dirtbaq

    yep, guess they'll need aphro as adc then. tho he's still not back up to how good he was before clg came and wanted him to support.

  • #46 Berug4

    so aphromoo is next?

  • #45 Itsibitsi

    well great job from curse they got the best Sup Worldwide there is no bether sup! And Thanks for the Reply about elementz didnt read that anywhere

  • #44 ViriusMalice

    Itsibitsi, Elementz is now coach for Team Coast also known for GGU- Good Game University

  • #43 ViriusMalice

    Itsibitsi, Elementz is now coach for Team Coast also know for GGU- Good Game University

  • #42 Itsibitsi

    hey liquid  would love to know  what happens to elementz?!

  • #41 Siegfrost


    I am a huge fan of curse and you. It's like a dream come true to see you joining Curse!

    I know Curse will do great in the upcoming super week! Go Go Curse!

  • #40 Arokh

    what do you mean wild turtle is a major factor in TSMs return to the top.  I would say that he may not be double lift, but he is a close second.

  • #39 Papaya

    WildTurtle lol no 

    Doublelift's the best. WildTurtle isn't even as good as MashMe, though.

  • #38 AfricanStampede

    dumbest quote of 2013. cop is best adc in NA? are you high or just blind to wild turtle, qtpie, and DL. certainly a good adc, but the best?

  • #37 Quantumsheepo

    Quote from LiQuiD112 »

    Quote from YoloSwagNads »

    replace cop next

    Cop is imo the best ADC in North America - silly suggestion.


    Quote from LiQuiD112 »

    Quote from YoloSwagNads »

    replace cop next

    Cop is imo the best ADC in North America - silly suggestion.

    Cop is certainly good, but are you forgetting that Doublelift is also a godlike ADC?

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