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  • Stream Followers: 339,133
  • Twitter Followers: 304,961
  • Facebook Likes: 237,341
  • YouTube Subscribers: 204,010
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Last Updated: 10/23/2013

Quas is from Maracaibo, Venezuela and dedicated his time to  He is well known for his success in the Amateur scene and joined Team Curse in 2013 as the top lane player.  He is commonly referred to as Quas the 'God', for his unbelievable mechanics, game understanding and reaction times.  

Keyboard:  Quickfire Pro (Blue Switches)

Mouse: Recon

Monitor: Dell U2410 UltraShap Gaming Monitor

Computer: Alienware Aurora 

Headset: Pulse-R

If there is one jungler who has made a name for himself in the League of Legends scene, it is Christian "Iwilldominate" Rivera. 
With an impressive resume from working with Complexity, Dignitas and now Curse, he is ready to make a huge splash returning to the competitive League scene. By leading Team Curse back into LCS Season 4 with his top tier shot-calling and fearless attitude, only success seems to be the future for IWilldominate. During his break from competitive play, Christian has been watching and waiting to make his return into the spotlight, now reformed, he joins Team Curse to show he has what it takes to be the best. 
He has proven himself to his new team and all of Curse management that he has what it takes to be one of the best junglers in North America. Now he is out to prove himself to the League of Legends community and gain the respect he deserves.


Twitter: @CrsDominate  Twitch:

Keyboard:  Quickfire Pro (Brown Switches)

Mouse: Recon

Monitor: Dell U2410 UltraShap Gaming Monitor

Computer: Alienware Aurora 

Headset: Pulse-R

The road to Curse was a long one for Cop, being a member of several minor teams before finally landing with the organization, joining as their starting AD Carry in late 2011. Teaming up with Elementz, who had recently joined the team after leaving CLG, the two quickly developed a strong synergy and began forming potent bot lane strategies. Previously criticized for failing to commit to making dramatic plays, he has gone out of his way to shed this negative stigma. Cop has proved he is one of the best ADC's in North America.  He's consistent and aggressive when he needs to play this way.
Twitter: @Cop   Stream:

Keyboard:  Rapid-I

Mouse: Recon

Monitor: Dell U2410 UltraShap Gaming Monitor

Computer: Alienware Aurora 

Headset: Pulse-R

There are few top lane terrors in the world, the one player who has always stood above the rest is Joedat "Voyboy" Esfahani. 
Voyboy is undoubtedly one of the most experienced players in the League of Legends scene, having begun his career many years ago on Rock Solid, who later became what is today known as Team Dignitas. While on Dignitas he quickly rose to prominence as being one of the best top laners in all of North America and was feared by many for his hyper aggressive play style. During Season 2 Voyboy joined CLG and followed as the team journeyed to Korea and the World Championships. Although successful, the team did not live up to the expectations set out for them, and in Season 3 Voyboy joined Team Curse for a chance at a fresh start. 
Over the past year Voyboy has led Curse to countless victories and successes with his amazing high pressure playstyle, mechanics and strong game understanding. As the sole remaining member of the previous Curse roster, he is ready to step up and help lead the team to even greater heights.



Keyboard:  Trigger Z

Mouse: Mizar

Monitor: Dell U2410 UltraShap Gaming Monitor

Computer: Alienware Aurora 

Headset: Pulse-R




He's been called a support god many times. His Solo Q Thresh is a true terror.

Bunnyfuufu has been playing League since Season 1 and has just recently burst on to the scene. Previously with Golden Gaming LA and team Girlfriends, Bunnyfufuu is getting his first taste of LCS play and is gaining important LAN experience. Not much is known about Bunnyfufuu except for absurd Thresh plays he makes in Solo Q. With his aggressive play style and Cop's consistency, Curse's bot lane could become a force for splits to come.


Twitter: @BunnyFuFuu   Stream:







Saintvicious has been part of the competitive League of Legends scene since the early beta, starting as one of the original members of Team SoloMid (though he never competed with them in a major tournament). After departing TSM, he joined CLG where he made a name for himself with his unique jungling style. He has also gained a reputation for focusing on farming the jungle and only ganking a lane when a kill is guaranteed. Saintvicious preferred carry-oriented jungle champions despite the popularity of utility jungle champions in Season 2. Due to internal conflicts within the team, Saintvicious left CLG and joined Curse as part of a three team swap. He swiftly became his team's main shot caller, and under his leadership, Curse’s teamwork and synergy improved noticeably. Saintvicious currently serves as the assistant head coach and mentor to Curse players.


Twitter: @Saintvicious   Stream:

Keyboard:  Quickfire Pro (Blue)

Mouse: Recon

Monitor: Dell U2410 UltraShap Gaming Monitor

Computer: Alienware Aurora 

Headset: Pulse-R


  • #19 edderskate225


  • #18 GreyHunter4

    Curse, stop making Cop play Caitlyn.  He's mechanically one of the best adc's and with Bunny bot lane could crush - except he's playing Caitlyn who offers so little to the team.  You see every other team play Lucian non-stop yet you don't ever use him.  Cop is also a sick Draven player who offers so much more then Caitlyn.  Don't hold back your players.  Let them shine.

  • #17 bradexpos

    Y u no add Lil Bunny FuFuu 3: he is da beast

  • #16 PlainsofBrolaf

    Voyboy is currently and has been one of my favorite Pro players for a very long time, his play style is so aggressive and awesome and he's really funny on streams too while also being very informative. He's a true professional gamer.

  • #15 PurpleGG

    I really appreciate Dominate's play style and gank pathways, he's one most creative junglers in NA. Pantheon & Wukong were brought up by him, and i see his picks really affects the meta and LCS.

    And for Cop, i really want him on Twitch on one of his games. :D



  • #14 MarineAdmiral

    they didnt get rid of EDward he left on his own


  • #13 Raitoon

    Zakent finaly in team!!!!! HURRAY!!!! I'm also proud and happy that they finaly removed Saint fom Jungler role! I really REALLY love Sainvicious but his playstyle and his moves are outdated and where ruining game after game in Worlds 2013... i was really desapointed and shamed for him

    Last edited by Raitoon: 11/2/2013 9:22:58 PM
  • #12 MetalStorm650

    Am i the only one that is mad that they got rid of EDward

  • #11 LiQuiD112

    Quote from NotBoron »

    So far this team is destroying the NACL and NESL!! I'm so glad to be with you guys every step of the way, and am excited that cop gets to stay! :D 


    Curse Or Die!

    Thanks, we off to a great start! 

  • #10 NotBoron

    So far this team is destroying the NACL and NESL!! I'm so glad to be with you guys every step of the way, and am excited that cop gets to stay! :D 


    Curse Or Die!

  • #9 Isfirrius

    Go cop! We are with you! Cheers from BR o/


  • #8 Ov3rlordPkr

    Might want to edit the "With Aphromoo as his AD Carry, the sky is no limit for this pair. They are ready to show all of North America and the world their skills and challenge any players to step into their bottom lane. "

    Great job so far in the NACL =)

  • #7 Ballsackcheese

    Welp gl in bottom 4 lcs... no aphro or pobelter gg,

  • #6 boss_esp

    woo rip aphro ??? .... do not understand anything what it is doing curse me sad because Voyboy zekent Voyboy and saw you excited about the new team and together with aphro zekent are the 2 best .I'm a fan of curse and seeing these things gives me the same thing happen s4 s3 and it hurts the

    Last edited by boss_esp: 10/14/2013 8:31:18 AM
  • #5 MyNameIsLegend

    R.I.P Poebelter and Aphro  Oct. 2013 - Oct. 2013

  • #4 MarineAdmiral

    Wait is Pobelter no longer on the roster D: ????

  • #3 DocKraus

    Good luck with coaching the new curse team Saint! Will miss you in S4 but hopefully you will stream some games every now and then. Would be sweet to see you come back as a player for a season later on and dominate the jungle once again!

  • #2 SOLID771

    Aphromoo <3 Zekent <3 I havent been online for a few months and see what happends! My 2 favorite players JOIN TOGETHER WAUW!

  • #1 MarineAdmiral

    Happy to see Zekent and Pobelter, also Aphromoo and Dominate have already proven themselves. Excited!~ also wonder if Aphro will be allowed to quinn if you make back to LCS


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