Team LoLPro

 About Team LoLPro:

Team LoL Pro will be a new team formed to compete in the League of Legends competitive scene and achieve one goal: Qualify for LCS. If they don't they will be taking advantage of all the new tournaments and the new Challenger Circuits that have been announced. You'll see them dominating tournaments in no time, so prepare yourself for the rise of Team LoLPro!

Team Stats

  • Lifetime Stream Views: 21,034,479
  • Stream Followers: 62,651
  • Twitter Followers: 122,827
  • Facebook Likes: 69,404
  • YouTube Subscribers: 47,295
  • YouTube Views: 4,658,756

Team Roster:

Name: Chenglong Wang
IGN: Nyjacky
Role: Mid Lane
Location: Las Vegas, NV


Twitter: @NyJacky  Stream



Name: Kevin Yarnell
IGN: Hauntzer
Role: Top Lane
Location: Bothell, WA


Twitter: @lolHauntzer  Stream:

Name: Simon Jeon
IGN: heavenTime
Role: Jungler
Location: Richmond, B.C


Twitter: @IamheavenTime  Stream:

Name: Derek Abrams
IGN: LohPally
Role: Support


Twitter: @lohpally      Stream:

Name: Ben deMunck
Role:  AD Carry
Location: British Columbia, Canada


Twitter:  Stream:


  • #13 NCFlashFreeze

    GT: NC Flash Freeze, who do i talk to about joing the curse call of duty clan, I know i can;t start off mpg, but Id like a clan to start in and so i can work my way thank you.

  • #12 Burberrymodel

    wow Team LOLpro is cute o.o like wow finally a SUPER CUTE TEAM. to fan girl about. :3

  • #11 nitroxyl

    3 People from BC! 604 Represent

  • #10 xramp

    I wanna try like adc or top lane 

    If i can contact with you please...give me a chance.

    I play from season 1 so i have some experience.

  • #9 Saotomex

    So Team LoLPro,
    i´m a perfect skilled Diamond 1 AD Carry.

    Feel free to contact me -> Saotomex (EUW)

  • #8 stevenli

    How to be a support in lolpro team? I want to have a try


  • #7 Isfirrius

    Go, Cop! May this new way open your true (and great) potential! =)

    Cheers from BR o/

  • #6 DocKraus

    Good luck Jacky and Cop, can't wait to see what you guys can do with the new team!

  • #5 OneBadFan

    Back to Russia apparently 

  • #4 loydboy

    what aboute Edward? is he gone or is he on one of the team?

  • #3 spybielzinho

    I'm really happy to know that Jacky is still on the team. Hope those changes bring new horizons and the glory we should have.

    Win, lose or tie. Curse till I die. 

  • #2 OneBadFan

    Really glad to see Jacky and Cop being given a second chance. Super excited to root for Team LoLPro and have TWO Curses to fawn over.

    Just one thing, though...

    Where's OneBadBrad? IWDominate is a solid aggressive jungler and all, and TrickZ did great in Rising Stars for C9 and whatnot, but OBB is just too much of a BAMF to not have in at least SOME capacity. Dude is a beast, and he's super nice. He's got e-sports professionalism down pat, and he seems like a hell of a player. He's very analytical and by far my favourite streamer. I love this guy and what he does; give him some love pls. 

    Last edited by OneBadFan: 10/8/2013 9:55:30 AM
  • #1 Blackfoxy84

    Yeah Keep goin jacky and Cop, good luck with ur new Team :D


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